Follow The Instructions

If hearts weren’t meant to break, why do we have so much glue and string lying around the house? And if we didn’t have any of these, just think of all the pleasant surprises we’d miss from receiving everything unwrapped and in pieces. Maybe the point of love is not to put ourselves together well enough for someone to deem us suitable. But to find someone who is also half-built, but has the blueprints and is willing to help construct us. Enough to finish them off too in the process. Every item from Ikea that needs to be assembled is not really furniture – but a code for acceptance and growth. And the warehouse is a library of love stories waiting to happen. It’s by carrying them through the door and into the living room and discovering that we can make and not always destroy, where we find that we brought a heart into the home. That’s why home is where the heart is. And even if there are pieces missing or we hammer too hard and chip the corner, or the holes are too big for the screws – we can always use the string and glue in the bottom drawer of the study to pull it all together. Then stand back and surprise ourselves that it actually worked. Maybe that is what it means to love.

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Jeg vil vite hva du tenker.