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ifiwasmeanttosailtheseasBut you have.

You are captain of the S.S. Cloud Surfer. It breaks from the harbour at night, lifts it’s mighty anchor made from giant bells that ring out the sound of wind chimes when they clatter, and takes to the sky. It is magic and squeezes you out the bedroom window and is powered by the glow of starlight reflected off the glass of all the houses. You sail across the world. Your ship has tiny cameras fixed to its hull that photograph the other boats at sea wishing to fly like yours. It captures images of their steaming lights and how the moon glows in their wake. It turns this silver and white into brightness, transmitting it to your dreams, breaking through the torment and sadness where it can.

Sometimes it glides through the Northern lights and steals some colour, making the morning sunrise especially orange and the grass a shade greener and more lush. Sometimes it catches the side of a snow drift, making you pull the sheets up, protecting your face from the cold. And sometimes you wake in a soft sheen of sweat; the vapour you pass through on your descent back into your apartment.

You don’t know any of this, because you are fast asleep. But you are. Most certainly. A sailor.


Jeg vil vite hva du tenker.